Corporate news

21 December 2016

Statement from Scottish Government Chief Statistician - Revision to Higher Education Student Support in Scotland 2015-16 publication

12 December 2016

Complaints Handling Procedure (CHP) Annual Report


19 August 2016

Student loan age cap

The following statement confirms the upper age limit for the eligibility for a living cost loan is changing from 55 to 60 later this year.

1 July 2016

EU Nationals and student funding in Scotland – the UK EU referendum result

The following statement applies to EU nationals, or their family members, who are currently in receipt of student funding from Student Awards Agency Scotland, and to EU nationals, or their family members, who intend to begin studying in 2016-2017 or beyond.

16 June 2016

Press release - Apply now for student funding – only two weeks to go until the 30 June Guarantee Date!

20 May 2016

Press release - Apply now for student funding - 30 June Guarantee Date is approaching fast

26 April 2016

A summary of our 2016-2017 annual stakeholder conference

11 April 2016

Press release - SAAS is open for 2016 funding applications

23 March 2016

Press release - Final chance to submit 2015-2016 SAAS applications

10 March 2016

Funding Awareness: Bi-Annual Report and Development Planning

15 February 2016

Press release - Bursary bonus paid this week and raised loan repayment threshold

8 December 2015

Press release - SAAS celebrates Living Wage commitment

2 October 2015

Press release - Funding still available for 2015-2016, apply as soon as possible

2 June 2015

Press release - One month to go to get your funding in place for the start of your academic year

28 May 2015

Press release - New concession introduced for students training for selection in the RIO 2015 Olympics and Paralympics

15 May 2015

News release - An increased bursary from 2015-2016 and a higher household income threshold from 2016-2017 for students receiving YSB or ISB with household income under £24,000

16 April 2015

Open for business for student funding applications

20 March 2015

Existing students urged to get funding applications in by 31 March.

14 January 2015

SAAS Student Forum

4 December 2014

SAAS Staff Survey results 2014

28 October 2014

Higher Education Student Support for Scotland 2013-14 - A National Statistics Publication for Scotland.

£735 million in student support - Scots-domiciled students more likely to enter Scottish universities

15 October 2014

News release - Helping students with bursaries - new SAAS agreement with the University of Edinburgh

24 Feb 2014

News release - Current students urged to get funding applications in by 31 March

29 Oct 2013

News release - Higher Education statistics 2012-13.

27 June 2013

News release - Baking star James Morton urges students to get their ‘dough’.

24 June 2013

News release - Weekend opening ahead of 30 June deadline.

19 June 2013

News release - Money saving expert Martin Lewis backs SAAS campaign to get students financially fit for the new term.

29 May 2013

SAAS urges students to get funding applications in by 30 June.

10 May 2013

On the 5 November 2012 the Education Secretary Michael Russell announced an independent review, the report is now available here.