So you're a full-time student!


All eligible students can apply for a bursary. The bursary is not income assessed. The bursary rates for 2019-2020 are :

Bursary Rates
Year or years of course Amount
1,2 & 3 £8,100
4 £6,075 (bursary is reduced to 75% in year 4)

Initial Expenses Allowance

We will pay you an extra £60 Initial Expenses Allowance in your first year of study. We will include this in the first instalment of your bursary.

Dependants’ Allowance

You may be entitled to an allowance for your husband, wife, civil partner, partner or child, if you have a financial and legal responsibility for them. You can also claim this grant for any other adult dependant or children you act as a carer for. You must tell us if the other parent is receiving student support as you can only claim one allowance for each child.

The amounts you can claim are:

Allowance Details
Allowance type Amount
Husband, wife, civil partner or partner or any other adult you act as a carer for £3,640
First child (including any child you act as a carer for), providing you are not already receiving an allowance for an adult. £3,640
All other children (including any children you act as a carer for). £557

If any of these dependants have income of their own, the total amount will be taken into account, but £1,160 will be allowed against the income your dependants have.

For example, if you’re married with 2 children you’re entitled to £3640 +£557 x 2= £4754. You are allowed to keep £1160 for each dependant from your spouse’s income (£1160 x 3= £3480, so any income above this amount will be deducted pound for pound from your award of £4754. So if your husband’s income was above £8234 in this example, there would be no award.

Single Parents’ Allowance

You may be entitled to an extra allowance of £2,303 a year if you are single and bringing up children on your own. You must send us written evidence when you apply to prove you are a single parent. This could be:

  • a copy of your tax credit award,
  • evidence from the Department for Work and Pensions to show you receive benefit as a single parent,
  • a letter from a professional person who knows your personal circumstances. This must be on company headed paper. A professional person can include a doctor, lawyer, teacher, police officer or minister of religion.

Childcare Allowance for Parents

You can claim this if you have to pay for the cost of registered or formal childcare. You can receive up to £2,466 in each year of your course. Formal childcare includes childminders, after school clubs and providers of day care education.

Do not apply for this if someone else is paying your full childcare costs.

We will NOT pay any childcare allowance from the date you are formally registered as being on maternity leave, unless you are contractually committed to childcare costs beyond this date.

Disabled Students' Allowance

Extra help is available to you if you incur extra costs while you study because of a disability or learning difficulty. Further information on the type of funding available and eligibility criteria is available.

If you are applying for DSA for the first time or if your disability has changed significantly since you last applied, we will want you to have a needs assessment carried out. More information on how to apply and a list of assessment centres can be found here

Clinical placement expenses

Clinical placement is the part of the course that consists of supervised practice in a working environment. You can claim expenses for some extra travel and reasonable accommodation costs. Please read the attached document, which will give you further information about this allowance.