Information we need

The amount of bursary and student loan available to you is based on the level of your household income. This includes your own income excluding any income earned from employment. Further information on the types of income we take into account is available.

The table below provides details of the documents you need to send us to support your application and when you need to send them. The quickest way to send documents to us is through our Document Uploader. You can find this by clicking My Account and logging into your Dashboard. Alternatively, you can post them to us. You should only send us photocopies of documents, as we destroy all documents we receive after 30 days.

Details of where to send your documents are available in the contact us section. You should quote your SAAS student reference number on all correspondence you send us.

Documentation required by SAAS
Situation Documentation required
If you apply for a loan of more than £4,750, a bursary or living costs grants and your household income is less than £34,000 per year. If you sent us documents to verify your household income last year (2018-2019), you do not need to send us these documents again, unless you are randomly selected as part of our quality assurance process. We will inform you in writing if this applies to you.

If you have not yet sent us your household income documents for 2017-2018 tax year, we will restrict your funding for 2019-2020 to the non income assessed loan of £4,750.

You must send us proof of earnings such as P60s etc for year ending April 2018 if you are returning to education after a break in study of at least one year.

If you or your parents are separated/divorced You only need to send these documents if you have not provided them before.
If you are applying for the lone parent grant. You must send us proof every year that you are a lone parent. For example a tax credit letter or council tax bill. You will also need to send one school age (or younger) child’s full (not abbreviated) birth certificate if you have not provided one before.
If you are applying to be assessed on your partner’s income instead of your parents and you are under the age of 25 You must send us proof that you are living with your partner at the start of the academic year (1 August) in the first year of your course. You should send us a joint mortgage/tenancy agreement or job centre plus document.

We may ask you at a later time to send us a copy of specific documents as part of our quality assurance process.