Application forms

This section tells you how you can apply for your DSA support for session 2019-2020.

You can:

  • download the appropriate DSA application form from the forms and guides section;
  • contact us; or
  • collect one from your institution's disability advisor.

Closing dates

You must make sure that you apply before the final closing date for session 2019-2020 which is 31 March 2020.

Important information

  • Your application for DSA is only valid for one academic session. You must apply every year.
  • We will not pay you DSA for a course which you have already completed.
  • If you find it difficult to fill in the form, someone else may fill it in for you as long as they have your authority to do so.
  • You must send supporting documents to confirm your disability.
  • If you do not have an assessment of your needs, or you send us a recommendation that we feel may not fully meet your needs, we will refer you to an access centre for another assessment. This can take time so it is essential that you apply as early as possible.
  • If we refer you to an access centre, we will give them all the information you give us in respect of your claim for DSA. The assessment they do will tell us what equipment or help you need, how much it will cost and the name of a company that will be able to supply the equipment. If we refer you to an access centre for an assessment of your needs, you should contact the access centre if you have any questions about the assessment, or the recommendations they make for you.
  • If you have applied to us in good time, we will do our best to make sure you receive an assessment (if necessary) and that we issue your DSA funds that we approve to you at the start of your course.
  • If you have not heard from us within 21 days of sending your application, please contact us to make sure we have received your form.
  • You must apply before the final closing date. For session 2019-2020 this is 31 March 2020.
  • You must tell us if there is any change in your circumstances that might affect any award due to you.