Changes in income

Contact us for advice as soon as possible if any of the below applies to you.

If your income for the tax or financial year in which the academic session begins is likely to drop an income bracket, we may assess your spouse/partner’s funding again based on your estimated income for the current year. Please see income brackets below:

  • Over £34,000 to below £34,000
  • From £24,000 to £33,999 to £21,000 to £23,999
  • From £21,000 to £23,999 to £0 to £20,999

If your household income has dropped a bracket(s) contact us and we may be able to reassess your spouse/partner’s funding to see if they are entitled to more money. We will need proof of your income for the tax year ending April 2018, and an estimate of your income for the current tax year.

We can also assess a student’s funding again if their parent or husband, wife, civil partner or partner dies, if we used their income to assess funding.