Spouse or partner

All funding except the following depends on the level of a student’s household income.

  • Tuition fees in Scotland
  • Tuition fee loan outside Scotland
  • Non income assessed part of the student loan (£4,750)
  • The Disabled Students' Allowance

Household income includes a student’s spouse’s, civil partner’s and partner’s gross income or taxable profit (if self employed or income from property) for the financial year two years prior to the current academic session. For example, for session 2019-2020 we will use their income for the period 6 April 2017 to 5 April 2018.

The Funding available area explains what funding your spouse, civil partner or partner can apply for if they study a full-time undergraduate course. The Information we need section tells you what information and documents we need you to send us. The Changes in income option explains what you need to do if your income is reduced, after your spouse, civil partner or partner has sent us their application for funding.

Third parties (for example, parents, spouses and student advisers) on occasion contact SAAS to ask for information about funding on behalf of a student. If questions from third parties are of a general nature about the provisions of student support there is no problem in discussing these matters. However, the Data Protection Act prevents us from discussing a particular student's circumstances such as details of their funding, loans, settled/asylum status or debt recovery. For legal reasons we are unable to provide this information and will only discuss this directly with the student themselves.