Tuition fees

We pay tuition fees directly to your college or university on your behalf, in accordance with your award for tuition fee support. Attendance confirmation must be received from your college or university before we will pay your tuition fees. You must therefore formally register/matriculate and continue to be in attendance to be entitled to payment of your tuition fees.

Bursaries, grants & disabled student allowance (DSA)

We pay these monies directly to your bank account, by BACS, in accordance with your award notice. Students studying in Scotland are paid, by instalment, on the 7th of each month (or the closest working/banking day before the 7th), with a double instalment being paid on the first day of your course. Students studying in other parts of the UK will receive payments at the start of each term. Separate arrangements are in place for DSA payments.

We withhold payment if we do not have confirmation of attendance from your college or university. We will write to advise you if a payment is being withheld and will release the payment to you, as soon as possible after receipt of the required confirmation from your college or university.

Student loans

We assess your application for student loan, issue your award notice advising how much loan you are entitled to receive, then pass your record to the Student Loans Company (SLC) to make the loan payment. The SLC will issue a Loan Payment Schedule to you one month before your course starts. Generally, payments are made on the same dates as bursary or grant payments from SAAS. Attendance must be confirmed by your college or university before your loan payments will be released. You can contact the SLC on 0300 100 0611.